Custom roll forming machine line cover a full range of industry , will your special product fill the blanks?


Roof and cladding Wall and siding Roof and floor decking
Trim and flashing Scaffolding Purlins and structural framing
Gutter and downspout Roof batten Door fame,door panel and door track rail
Stud and track Runner and channel T-grid and wall angle
Roller shutter door Lifts and elevator Insulated PU sandwich panel
Venetian Blind Fire smoke damper HVAC duct
Drawer slides Curtain rail
Logistics warehouse Conveyors Upright frame, beam , shelving panel, locker panel
Energy Solar PV bracket , cable tray ,cable tray strut, electrical cabinet
Automobile  Vehicle bumper Truck panel Vehicle reinforcements
Agriculture Vineyard post Grain silo bin Fence rail
Highway security Highway guardrail Highway fence post
Pipes Welded pipe ERW pipe mill line Seam-lock pipes chimney


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