Our service

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Our service is started from the moment you linked into our website

Fast response 24 hours technical support at Bemco Machinery

 We have a professional and fast-action service team to ensure

  • Your email and message will be reply in 12 hours
  • The solutions of  custom roll forming system will be work out in 48 hours
  • Technical support will be on line for 12 hours.

Pre-sale Service 

Before order placed ,below is some of the questions you may have

  • What kind of equipment do i need to produce the product i need ?
  • What is the standard size of the roofing sheet in our market?
  • What is the most popular machines in our market ?
  •   Can you have any business advice in our market ?

We will help our customer to make sure they have made the best choice and make sure every details like the working condition of the factory , the voltage of the local market etc.

We also can offer consultation with our experience on the similar product roll forming.

We also can share our client information if that is necessary.

Contact us for a free consultation to help yourself on building your business or your new project .Also we can help on the transportation and inviting letter for visiting.


In-Sale Service

Before shipping , below is some of the question you may have:

  • What is the process going with my roll forming machine ?
  •  I need this machine ready end of this month,can you be faster ?
  • What is the earliest ship to our country?

We can help on all of your questions before shipping , just contact with our service team anytime and we can take pictures and video to let you know the status of the machines step by step.

After-Sale Service

After shipping , below is some of the question you may have:

  • Will you send people to install the machines in my factory ?
  • Who will tech us to operate the machines?
  • How long will that take and cost ?

Sure we will send one or two after-sales engineers to install and debug the machines in your factory and train the operators, and general troubleshooting.All the after sales items and cost total, please contact with us.

During warranty period

  •  Will you send us the repair parts ?
  •  Does the replacement parts charged ?
  •   Can you send an engineer ?

 If the wearing parts or other electric parts are broken,you can sent us the pictures and videos of broken parts. We will analysis and work out the root problem , once we sure that is the quality of our machine,We will offer free replacement part and service

But if the wearing parts are damaged by improperly operating or overload the machine, the replacement parts will charged by yourself.

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