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Simple cut to length line brief.

A simple cut to length line is designed and manufactured for the cost-effective metal coil cut to length.The simple cut to length line is special for the low product volume and light gauge metal coils. It can be used as a value-added equipment with roll forming machines. Bemco have a worldwide footprint for supplying the simple CTL machine and it is well received by many of Asia clients.

The material suitable for simple cut to length line can be PPGI and GI with max coil width 1250mm, the max thickness is 2.5mm, the max coil weight is 10 ton.

 Layout of simple CTL  line

The whole solution on the simple slitting line combined by decoiler, main hydraulic cutter , run out table,,hydraulic station and PLC control system.

Uncoiling—-leveling—- cut to length —- run out table



0.3-2.0mm simple CTL line technical parameter for reference

Item Parameter
Metal coil PPGI, GI
Raw material 1200mm (Width) & 0.3mm to 2.0mm (Thickness)
Slitting Speed 12 to 15 (m/min)
Material of Shafts 45# Steel with Fine Treatment
Main Motor Power of Uncoiling Slitting Recoiling Line 7.5Kw
Hydraulic Station of Steel Slitting Machine 4Kw
Electrical System PLC Control, OMRON Made in Japan
Hydraulic De-Coiler Capacity of Steel Slitting Machine ≤ 5tons, Inner Diameter 508mm
Electricity Requirement 380V, 3 Phase, 50Hz
 Pinching leveling Pinching and leveling rollers
Scrap Scrap recoiler for Both Sides
Size 9000 × 1500 × 1400 (mm)
Max cutting width 1200mm
Way of cutting Hydraulic cutting
Motor for Hydraulic De-Coiler 4 KW
Specification of De-Coiling Ф508 × 1300(Mm)
Expansion Range of The Steel Slitting Machine 450 to 550(Mm)

Simple CTL line (picture taken in factory)


simple_cut_to_length_machine  simple_cut_to_length_line

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