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Coil loading car:
1. Structure: 4-wheel walk, carbon steel welded
2. Power: hydraulic motor BM3-195
3. Lifting: hydraulic cylinder drive Φ180×700mm
4. Lifting distance: 700mm
5. Max. Load: 15000kg


Double-mandrel uncoiler:
1. Type: moving bidirectionally, expanding and contracting inside
2. Expand and Contract drum: driven by sliding block
3. Specification: Φ458-Φ508mm, Φ560-Φ610mm, Φ760-Φ820mm
4. Expand and Contract cylinder: Φ140×75mm
5. Movement power: driven by hydraulic cylinder Φ125×900mm
6. Coil centering:
7. Braking: Pneumatic pressure
8. Applicable coil width: 300-1250mm
9. Max. applicable coil O.D.: 1800mm
10. Max. applicable weight: 15000kg


Coil head drawing, shoveling and feeding device:
1. Draw frame structure: steel welded, lifting driven by hydraulic cylinder
2. Cylinder specification: Φ80×500mm with 2 pieces
3. Driving rolls: Φ300×600mm, coated with Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
4. Driving power: 3KW Cycloidal motor
5. Shovel structure and type: iron plate welded
6. Lift power: hydraulic cylinder Φ80×400mm
7. Expand and contract power: hydraulic cylinder Φ63×400mm
8. Feeding machine structure and type: iron plate welded, opposite rolls pinch and feed
9. Feeding rolls specification: Φ140×1400mm
10. Feeding rolls material: down rolls 40Cr, hard chrome plating; up rolls coated with rubber
11. Feeding rolls lift cylinder: Φ80×100mm, 2 pieces
12. Feeding power: 4KW cycloidal reducer coordinating with universal joint
13. Hydraulic shearing machine: 3×1300mm with 1 piece


Guiding device:
1. Stands structure and type: steel plate welded, standing rolls rectify, double rolls feed
2. Standing rolls specification: Φ125×125mm, 3 pairs, high frequency quench
3. Feed rolls specification: Φ100×1350mm
4. Feed rolls lift power: hydraulic cylinder Φ80×100mm
5. Guiding power: manual control
6. Guiding range: 300-1300mm
Slit head:
1. Structure and type: Cassette type disc shear
2. Slitting shaft specification: Φ200×1350mm (blade position)
3. Slitting shaft material: 40 Cr, forging and tempering, mid-frequency quenching, hard chrome plating, grinding
4. Disc blade specification: D320×d200×T15mm
5. Disc blade material: 6CrW2Si, quenching hardness HRC58-60°
6. Slitting power: DC 75kw with reduction box and universal joint
7. DC motor controller: Euro-therm controller
8. Slitting power: 2.2kw cycloidal motor coordinate with worm and gear box
9. Blade replace type: hydraulic cylinder push rear cassette, cylinder specification: Φ63×450mm
10. Slitting speed: 0-120m/min adjustable


Scrap recoiling:
1. Type: double side recoiling
2. Recoiling disc specification: Φ450×350mm
3. Recoiling disc power: cycloidal motor driving separately on  two side
4. Cast type: hydraulic cylinder push the recoiling pole to contract
5. Winding type: hydraulic cylinder drives winding poles moving back and forward
1. Type: Concrete potting, double-side turnover platform
2. Accumulator size: 4m×2m×5m
3. Turnover plate structure: square pipe welded, sliding rolls on two sides, hard-wearing plastic plate on surface
4. Turnover motion: hydraulic cylinder lift, Φ80×500mm


Distributing and damping:
1. Distributing shaft specification: Φ95×1400mm
2. Distributing plate specification: Φ200×3mm, 65Mn quenching
3. Place distributing plate type: manual push
4. Distributing shaft lift: hydraulic cylinder driving Φ75×100mm
5. Damping Type: Cassette beam press, wood plate and wool blanket between the up and down beam
6. Press power: hydraulic cylinder Φ80×150mm with 2 pieces, pressure adjustable
7. Leveling rolls specification: Φ320×1400mm, covered with rubber

Recoiling and pressing:
1. Structure and type: Box type gear driving, hydraulic cylinder drives the sliding block to expand and contract
2. Recoiling shaft specification: Φ230×1400mm (recoiling block)
3. Recoiling block specification: Φ508×1400mm
4. Expand and contract power: cylinder specification Φ160×100mm
5. Recoiling shaft support frame structure: steel welded, hydraulic cylinder Φ80×350mm
6. Pressing shaft specification: Φ95×1400mm
7. Distribution disc specifications: 200*3mm, 65MN quenching
8. Distribution press power: Hydraulic Cylinder Φ75×350mm, pressure adjustable.
9. Recoiling power: 90KW DC motor
10. Controller: Euro therm controller
11. Recoiling speed: 0-120m/min adjustable
12. Max. Recoiling weight: 15000kg


Unloading car:
1. Structure and type: steel welded, 4-wheel moving
2. Driving power: BM3-195
3. Lift power: Hydraulic cylinder Φ180×700mm
4. Max. Weight: 15000kg

Hydraulic system:
1. Hydraulic station, control valve, oil pipe: each 1 piece
2. Pressure: 16Mpa
3. Power: 7.5KW-4
4. Oil tank volume: 450L


Electrical system:
1. Electrical control cabinet: 1 piece
2. Operating cabinet: 2 pieces
3. Total power: 175kw


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