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Z purlin roll forming machine brief.

The z purlin roll forming machine is complete production line for the manufacture of various sizes of Z section profile used to support roof panel on pre engineered building.

The Z purlin roll forming machine is one family of the purlin roll forming machine, which is also can called wall girt roll forming machine.It can change size by manual (spacers)or automatic quick change (servo motor)–telescope raft type.

Standard profile drawing for z purlin roll forming machine:


The process of wall girt roll forming machine :

The wall girt roll forming machine is starts from the unwinding of metal coils , entry the pre-punching devices to make the assemble holes, then roll formed to Z section according to client’s design , cut to length by hydraulic cutting device then stack& packing.

Decoiling—guiding&leveling —roll forming —hydraulic cutting—-stacking


Layout of z purlin roll forming line

The standard whole solution on the z purlin roll forming line is combined of uncoiler , hydraulic punching devices,stationary hydraulic shear device, main z purlin roll former,run out table .

Machine Component quantity
Decoiler 1 set
Hydraulic punching device with punching die 3 set
Main z purlin roll former 1 set
Hydraulic cut device with hydraulic station 1 set
PLC Control system 1 set
Run out table 2 sets

Z purlin roll forming machine parameter

Suitable material Coil type  Galvanised or cold rolled
Coil Thickness 1.5-3.0 mm
Coil Width Customized according to profile 220-520mm
Yield Strength 250Mpa
Decoiler Decoiler Type Manual or hydraulic
Weight Capacity 3Ton
Punching device Punching type Integrated hydraulic punching
Punching stations 2-3 punching stations
Punching model material Cr12 with heat treatment
Main Roll Former Forming Station 20 forming stations, depend on profiles
Roller Material Gcr15 bearing steel quenched 58-62 HRC, surface with hard chrome 0.05mm
Shaft Material #45 steel quenched 55-60 degree
Shaft Diameter 75mm
Drive Type Chain Drive or gearbox
Forming Speed 0-12m/min
Main Power 15 KW
Cutting Device Cutting Type Hydraulic cutting
Cutting blade material Cr12mov with heat treatment
Cutting Tolerance +/-1.5mm(3m)
Electrical System PLC Brand Panasonic brand
Inverter Brand Yaskawa
Encoder OMRON brand
Touch Screen MCGS Chinese famous brand
Electrical parts Schneider
Motors Reducer Tailong and Guo mao Chinese famous brand
Hydraulic System Hydraulic Station Famous Chinese Brand
Hydraulic Power 5.5 KW with 12 Mpa pressure
Run out table Table Type No power passive with rollers
Function of Table To support the profile sheets after cutting
Machine Dimension 10000mm*1500mm*1500mm  Around 8000kg
Tolerance Length 3M+/- 1.5mm

Z purlin roll forming machine (Picture taken in factory)

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    Manual size changing z purlin machine


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