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  • Checking fixture
  • Bulk Press
  • Bulk Press
  • Bulk Press
  • Finished product
  • Uncoiler and flattener
  • Flying shear
  • Whole line
  • Press machine for product number

Bemco as the leader in roll forming machine has recently delivered our first roll forming line to Canada . The whole roll forming line meet the CSA and ESA standard in Canada ,it is now running successfully in our client’s factory.

We are the only one in China can offer machines meet the strict standard as CSA and ESA. In order to meet this standard , our electrical components and some of the raw material were imported from USA and Europe and cooperated with experienced machinery tolling shop. Every one in our factory made a great effort on this project to meet the strict standard to win the satisfaction from our client in Canada.

This roll forming line is end used as the reinforcement parts on automotive , the roll formed product must have a tight tolerance so that can pass the checking fixture for this part. And to meet the CSA and ESA , we did a lot of safety designing and improvements ensure the whole line is safety for the operators.

The roll forming line is stared from the double head uncoiler , the steel coil running through the flatter coming to the press machine( for Product #) then the bulk hydraulic press machine punching all the holes on the profile at one time, the punched coils then continuously feeding to the main roll forming machine, the profile will be roll formed by 13 forming stations, and cut off by a non-stop hydraulic flying shear cut off unit , the finished product will be checked on the checking fixture in case out of tolerance.

This is a very serious project for us and also the prove of our ability of providing high performance and high standard roll forming machine for North American market. We are capable and ready for more complex project now.



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