Today as all known that there are various way of metal forming process,such like press braking, stamping, extrusion and roll forming. They all have advantages and disadvantages ,So why i choose roll forming ?

When choose a metal processing equipment ,it all depends on the product you need .

Below is some considered factors:

  • Product volume
  • Production line speed
  • Material thickness,yield strength,surface treatment
  • Desired product surface appearance
  • Secondary operation
  • Desired product length,width and height
  • Shape complexity
  • Desired tolerances

These factors is not for only one kind of metal forming process, sometimes it requires both of the metal forming ,for example : press braking and roll forming to make the metal shutter box.

 Roll forming is superior compare with others , the main benefits of roll forming as follows:

  • Suitable for any project : roll forming allows various types of in-line fabrication to create any shapes , no matter how complex.It helps you on innovating new products with very complex shape ,hole configuration as well as accurate and uniform cross section. Technically speaking , any kind of product can be custom roll formed.
  • Suitable for any size: roll forming has no limit on the product cutting length because it is continuous coiling feeding, various sizes can be roll formed with only one sets of roll tooling without changing any parts. Various shapes of processing products can be rapid changeover in only one roll forming line.
  • Suitable for high product volume: roll forming is a continuous metal processing with almost any gauge of metal material , it is controlled by automatic program to save labor cost, adjustable production line speed can easily handle high product volume and low product volume .
  • Tight tolerance :Due to the more gradual forming sequence, roll forming produces extremely tight tolerances as well as an attractive finish.No matter on hole punches or section size.

Who will use roll forming in their business?

In planning your business you must consider the options of buying material from a supplier or manufacture with appropriate equipment.  For example In the area of downspouts and elbows, you need to scope the volume of the business you are doing and evaluate the payback you might get from investing in buying an equipment rather than buying your parts from a supplier.  In particular, the investment required for an industrial-grade downspout machine is substantial and needs to be carefully evaluated.

The roll formed parts is almost in every industry such as the automobile industry, tools, and dyes industry, metal furniture industry, construction, railways and others. See more application of roll forming industry , pls click here.


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